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The jQuery Script Manager control has been designed to make using jQuery with ASP.Net simple and be a way to simply organise JavaScript.

The current way to use the jQuery Script Manager is fairly straight forward.

1) add the jQuery Script Manager to the page

//Add control
<%@ Register Assembly="jQuery.ScriptManager, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" Namespace="jQuery.ScriptManager" TagPrefix="jQuery" %>


<jQuery:jQueryManager id="jQueryM" runat="server">

2) register any JavaScripts functions that need to run on document.load

//Add the name of the JavaScript function
<jQuery:jQueryManager id="jQueryM" runat="server">
          <jQuery:RegisterReadyFunction FunctionName="TestFunction" />

//JavaScript code either in the page head or an external .js file (The correct way to do it!)
function TestFunction(){
     alert('The page has loaded!');

The JavaScript function "TestFunction" will be called when the page loads by placing it in jQuery's $(document).ready function.

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